Yep…what SHE said. Great conversation—great lady!

Shannon Monihan is with Dave Dahl and David Bentley.

“Delighted to have been David Dahl’s [aka Killer Dave]first guest on his podcast Against the Grain. David has always had my back on social media, during what has been a curious few years, here in Portland, Oregon. Political landscape aside, this conversation is centric around JOY.In our conversation, David and I discuss what it’s like to dream something up and actually bring it to fruition. We also touch on what it takes to pick yourself up, and maintain a positive attitude, after you’ve been knocked down. I’m always amazed at the inspiring people I have met in my career. I have had a long and robust one. I enjoy working and as Dave and I discuss, it’s important to not relying on others and there is satisfaction, in doing things on your own.You’ll find his, and my podcast Red Frog: Stop Listen Shoot on @talkcastpdx.” – Shannon Monihan

First “Against The Grain” episode in the books.

Amazing guest, Shannon Monihan of Red Frog Team and much more. Easy to interview…could’ve gone for hours cuz she’s got plenty to say. I’ll be posting the final product soon. Wednesday, we are doing the Sheila Hamilton interview—this will be another great one. I’m excited and hopeful that this show will be a difference maker.

Recording my promo…

And intro for the new “Against the Grain” podcast, which will debut soon. I’ve got great guests lined up to talk about their struggles and successes with me. The first few won’t be live as we will be working out the kinks, but my goal is to do live shows with call-ins and spontaneity. I’m getting excited about this as we draw closer.

We at Choose Local Media here in Portland

have built a podcast studio and platform (a work in progress) called, TalkCastPDX (

My own podcast debut is imminent. It’s called, Against the Grain. If you have a strong network for promotion and have a great personal story that you would like to tell, I want you for one of my early guests—please send me a message and tell me why you’re a top candidate for this (many have already contacted us, and I am sifting through these messages to find those who fit the bill for my first ten shows).

Here is a preamble idea that I have. Let me know what you think—all feedback, including possible edits, is welcome:

“This show is about Innovators and fighters. Folks who have overcome the haters and the roadblocks that discourage average people. How do they do it? My first win was finding freedom while I was in prison. You can find my story at This show is about others’ unique stories that inspire hope and motivation because they have learned to be winners—all of whom have done it by going against the grain.” This will be superimposed over my instrumental song:

TalkcastPDX is the name of our newly launched podcast platform.

I’m oh-so-close to debuting my own show, Against the Grain. I’ll be interviewing successful people who got there the hard way, kinda like me.

I’m seriously considering a portion of the attached song (which I wrote in 2005 but updated in 2009 or 2010 with producer Michael Rizzo) to open the show under introductory words. Check out the song and video, and subscribe to my YouTube if you like (I would appreciate it!).

What do you think?

I’m looking for people who have struggled mightily and have overcome.

In other words, great stories. If you feel that you can handle an interview for such a podcast (it’ll be called, Against the Grain), please contact me.

Please understand… there are a lot of us. So use the contact form on the home page or message me on facebook so I can manage the responses.