Bend Venture Conference 2019

Recent interview with my buddy Robert Ricciardelli at Bend Venture Conference. A lot has happened since we first met and he interviewed me in 2011. I was on my way to visit Rob one night November of 2013, but I was having a manic breakdown and we never made it. Instead, a tragic encounter with police changed everything forever.
That night not only marked the end of my involvement with the brand I created, but forced a hard restart of my life overall. Fortunately, I had overcome before, and so I was able to find my way once again.
Thanks for your friendship, Rob.

Rediscover This Day!

My favorite charity, Constructing Hope, one that has incredible potential to do good. They already do a TON of good but they will one day be able to do much, much more. Please check them out, and support them if your heart is moved.