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Letters to the Editor

Readers respond: Friendship over differences

The two of us, Dave’s Killer Bread creator Dave Dahl and author Jathan Janove, were wondering how we keep our friendship intact. Dave enthusiastically supported Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and watches Fox News. Jathan couldn’t imagine a candidate he’d be less likely to support and reveres The New York Times.

Here’s how our friendship continues:

  • Agree either not to talk about politics or to do it with a curiosity paradigm. Dave can explore why Jathan feels the way he does so long as the purpose is to understand, not advocate or pontificate. Curiosity is the only criterion – and a non-negotiable rule.
  • Seek out shared causes. Both Dave and Jathan are passionate about “second-chance employment” – employment opportunities for the formerly incarcerated. After Dave’s Killer Bread, Dave became a philanthropist. People might be surprised to learn that this wealthy, very-right-of-center white man makes charitable gifts that disproportionately benefit poor people of color.
  • Find things in common even if from different perspectives. Both of us support training police on ways to de-escalate tense situations without force or threats of force. Jathan’s primary motivation is his belief that race makes a huge difference. Dave’s is from personal experience. He knows there’s room for improvement.

If we want our country to heal, grow and prosper, it behooves us to identify shared values and find ways of collaborating. Skip the debate. Figure out how, by working together, we can make the world a better place.

Dave Dahl, Portland

Jathan Janove, Portland