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You know him best as simply Dave, the baker and brand-visionary behind Dave’s Killer Bread.  But Dave Dahl has had many identities in his life: inmate, art dealer, philanthropist, addict, entrepreneur, and criminal. He grew up in a strict Seventh-Day Adventist community, itching to break free, and later found drugs, crime and years of prison time; until one day Dave decided he’d had enough and asked for help. He grabbed hold of every opportunity he could to improve himself through learning, trying, failing and getting back up again, even in the worst of times. Get to know the real Dave in this inspiring conversation that may just kickstart a whole new attitude of passion and possibility. 


  • Dave’s experience growing up in a Seventh Day Adventist family.
  • His struggle with drugs, addiction, and incarceration.
  • Asking for help with his mental health while his prison saved his life.
  • How Dave’s Killer Bread was born.


Patrick Bet-David – Valuetainment

How A 15 Year Felon Sold His Company for $275 Million

Patrick Bet-David sits down with entrepreneur and co-founder Dave Dahl. In this interview they talk about how he turned his life around, how he went from doing drugs and committing crimes to creating a business he sold for $275 million. Let Dave know your thoughts on his story here: https://bit.ly/3rvgpPp

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About guest: Dave Dahl is an American entrepreneur, known for co-founding Dave’s Killer Bread. Prior to it, he had served a total of over 15 years in prison for multiple offenses including drug distribution, burglary, armed robbery, and assault.”

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(((My Fellow Americans))) with Spike Cohen

#106: Dave Dahl

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This is probably the most inspiring interview I’ve ever done.

Dave Dahl is the creator of Dave’s Killer Bread. What you may not know is that he’s also a convicted felon who went to prison 4 times.

The story of how he turned his life around is simply too good to miss.

Tonight, I will go live on my show and play the interview with Dave. I’m going to watch it and comment along with you, because I want to hear his story again.

Dave and I talk about his story, how he fixed his life and helped others in the same situation, the work he continues to do to help countless others, and how you can do the same.

We even talk at the end about restorative justice.

This interview is so good!


Purpose and Profit with Kathy Varol

Dave Dahl on The Power of Second Chances

“I was a four-time loser before I realized I was in the wrong game.” That was the first line of the autobiographical story that appeared on the back of every loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread. “Four-time loser” refers to his four prison sentences for crimes ranging from burglary to armed robbery to drug dealing. Dave and his family sold the company in 2015 for $275 million, Dave’s Killer Bread continues to be a “Second Chance Employer” and is the largest organic bread company in America.


Channel Weird with Clyde Lewis

Clyde chats with Dave Dahl of Dave’s Killer Bread Fame

Clyde Lewis sits down with Dave Dahl of Dave’s Killer Bread Fame and gets his story. From Prison to Successful Bread Maker!


Win Make Give Podcast with Ben Kinney

Killer Bread – Interview with Dave Dahl

Dave Dahl, the creator of Dave’s Killer Bread, joins Bob and Chad in an interview about second chances. Dave talks about the 15 years he spent in jail, and the lessons learned that allowed him to change his life. They explore the process of improving an existing product where Dave creates a new way to make bread that can now be found in stores all over the country. https://www.winmakegive.com

Background Check Podcast

EP 16 “Dave’s Killer Bread” Dave Dahl

In today’s episode Jay Dan talks with Dave Dahl, creator of Dave’s Killer Bread. Dave talks about his childhood, his teen years, the choices he made as a young kid that affected him when he got older.

Dave tells us his journey from the military, to prison, to Killer Bread fame, and talks about his downfall that eventually led to the sale of the company.

Admitting that he struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, Dave fought his way back and now works with organizations and companies that work with inmates and parolees. You’re going to love this story.

For the show notes and all the resources mentioned in the episode, please visit:

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Dave’s Killer Bread: Dave Dahl

Dave Dahl’s entrepreneurial journey began in prison. In 1987, he was addicted to drugs and incarcerated for home burglary. For 15 years he bounced from one sentence to the next. But in the mid-2000s, Dave returned to his family bakery where he was inspired to make bread – organic, nutty, and slightly sweet. He sold the loaves at farmers markets and shared his story of recovery on the package – a branding decision that attracted fans and media attention. In 2015, the Dahl family sold the business for $275 million dollars. Today, Dave’s Killer Bread sells over a dozen types of bread in grocery stores nationwide.



Everyone Talks to Liz with Liz Claman

Breaking Bread with Dave Dahl

Host of FOX Business Network’s The Claman Countdown, Liz Claman is joined by Dave Dahl, co-founder of Dave’s Killer Bread. Dave shares how his life of crime led him to wanting to create something for other previously incarcerated individuals, how he’s rebuilt his life after the falling out he had with his company and more.

Follow Liz on Twitter: @LizClaman

Latino Founder Hour

#81 Dave Dahl with Dave’s Killer Bread

Dave Dahl is the co-founder of Dave’s Killer Bread, an internationally acclaimed bakery that made news for its innovative and amazing products. Dave tells his story of how he fought his inner demons while spending a good portion of his young life in jail and talking about finding that passion to do good, or as he calls it, sow good seeds. He became a sensation and a local rock star because of his genuine persona and good vibes around him. He and his brother set out to build a multi-million dollar bakery in the midst of the great recession with the power of resilience and hard work.


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118: Dave Dahl on Building Dave’s Killer Bread, Tragedy, Recovery and Redemption!

After serving a total of four prison sentences for crimes ranging from burglary to armed robbery to drug dealing. Dave Dahl turned his life around during his last stint and rejoined the family bakery shortly after his release. He went on to co-create Dave’s Killer Bread.

Dave had to accept that—at least for Dave Dahl—there’s no “happily ever after”. But he finds great satisfaction in “fighting the good fight”, one day at a time. He believes that forgiveness of self and others is one of the keys to inner peace and personal growth. But it’s only one of many lessons he’s come away with through all of his struggles—and triumphs.

Dave’s Killer Bread, a family endeavor, was sold to Flowers Foods in 2015, leaving Dave with a void to fill. He spent the next 2-plus years building what is perhaps the largest collection of African tribal art in the world. During this time he lived a semi-hermetic lifestyle. Now, with a healed heart and mind, he steps back out on a mission to help inspire others to find their own brand of success.

“‘Good Seed’ is much more than a killer bread recipe. Having been a ‘bad seed’ and destroying everything in my path as a troubled young man, I finally found the path of humility and teachability. It gives me the courage to fall down 7 times, and get up 8.”


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