“My Fellow Americans” Podcast with Spike Cohen

I had a very positive and hopeful conversation with Spike Cohen on his podcast, “My Fellow Americans”. We discussed how I turned my life around (more than once) and how others (particularly “returning” citizens) can learn to design their own lives for the better.

We talked about Constructing Hope and how I hope they will inspire the creation of many more such organizations.

And a lot more.

Please help meet my brother, Glenn Dahl’s $25k match

Last I saw, we were $12K away from doing it…


“It’s not too late! Help us Level the Playing Field in the construction industry. A gift of any amount makes a life-changing difference for those in our community who need it most!”


Hats off…

to Jefferson D Smith, who not only contributed some cash, but took the time to promote what is my favorite cause ever: Constructing Hope.

Please check them out if you haven’t already:constructinghope.org

“Almost everyone I love wants to help level the playing field. One way to do that is to support Constructing Hope. Pat Daniels (pictured — not me) is leading great work to give formerly incarcerated people a second chance at a useful life, through training in the trades. If she’s not an unsung hero, she’s certainly not sung loudly enough. Building a nonprofit from scratch is incredibly hard work — it isn’t thankless, but it is certainly under-thanked. And under-resourced. More should know about her work, and more of us should help.For my birthday this year, I am asking for gifts to Constructing Hope. The symbol and the mission is to level the playing field. Each person served by Constructing Hope adds to our town’s skillset and diversifies the trades (s/o to Maurice Rahming and others on that front) and, as the name says, constructs a bit more hope. https://www.constructinghope.org/leveling-the-playing…/…Then if you can find a level, take a picture, post it, help more people learn about the good work. (My shot is taken at warehouse / gallery of Dave Dahl — big shout out to Dave for his support and for introducing me to the work.)And help level the playing field.”

– Jefferson D Smith

Love this!

“Hi Dave,

It is on days of extreme heat that I think of you and your brothers generosity. My husband still works for Dave’s, and he was an employee during the time that you guys sold to Flowers. What you did for your employees was such a blessing to them, and to their families. Now to the reason why I think of you Dahl brothers when it’s so hot…. When we first bought our home, there was no heat pump or air conditioning. We had electric heat and a woodstove. With the bonus that you gave my husband, we decided the best thing we could put in was a heat pump so we would have air conditioning during hot summers as the first two in this house were very uncomfortable. Right now we are able to sit in a cooled home and have our daughter and grandchildren here, and out of the extreme heat. I don’t know that we ever would’ve been able to do it any other way without having to make payments and go into debt. There are several things to be thankful to you and the opportunities your company has provided and I wanted to take the time today to thank you.”

– Julie Effinger