Finally able to share my conversation with the great Tony f’n Robbins

If you don’t know who he is, I’m thinking he’s probably the number one inspirational speaker ever, or something like that. See below for more info.

To me, the takeaway is to learn to live for today. To forgive yourself and others, and move on to the next moment.

Please check out Tony Iyke

an African-BORN American who has been kicking ass creating an American Dream. This interview is by my partner, David Bentley in our new platform Portland Interview Magazine Podcast…very interesting fellow.

Tony Iyke, Portland Fashion Designer, Talks Immigration, Black Lives Matter, COVID and Failure

On this episode, Host David Bentley gets deep with Tony Iyke, a Portland fashion designer and owner of The House of Rose (THOR) boutique. Tony discusses growing up in Nigeria, immigrating to the United States, landing in Portland and getting on his feet. They touch on Tony’s heroes, what drives him to create, his work ethic, values and the quality within his craft. Tony discusses his view on Black Lives Matter, COVID, failure and pushing through to success”

So today I’m going to start sharing pieces of my African tribal art collection

I really don’t know where to begin, so I will just take a stab with this horse rider figure from the Bamana tribe of Mali. All of the items I’ll be sharing are antiques, which is what my personal collection is made up of. I don’t always know a lot about my pieces and why they exist. The general rule of thumb is that these items were made for tribal use by diviners and representative of revered ancestors. This figure is quite valuable due to its quality and rarity.

While pieces from my personal collection tend to be outside of most folks’ budget, I do have thousands of objects that are in the $30 to $300 range, and if you’re interested, visit the warehouse/show room in Barton/Eagle Creek.