Flip The Script is another organization that I support

One that helps African-American men who are released from prison to find resources to reintegrate into society. I donated a lot of African art to decorate their new location and I think a lot of folks will dig it.

Most people have never seen this kind of art, so it will be interesting to see the response.

This article gives great info about this meaningful program.

Willie Fiers, a Flip the Script alumnus, calls the parole system “an invisible program” contributing to keeping formerly incarcerated people down. (Photo by Brian Oaster)


I’m supporting Constructing Hope in their #leveltheplayingfield campaign

to raise money and awareness for a program that makes more impact per dollar than any other I’m aware of!

Please donate or get involved by going to their website https://www.constructinghope.org/leveling-the-playing-field/ and then take a picture of yourself, your family, your dog—whatever—holding a level and create your own post, just like I’m doing. Believe me, it makes a difference. #LTPFphotochallenge #levelingtheplayingfield #constructinghope #inittogether

I’m helping Constructing Hope with raising funds again this year.

I hope you will, too. I can’t think of an organization where our dollars help the community more, helping people make the most out of a second chance.

The video is a KGW piece that I interviewed for on Sunday.

See video HERE.


Here is a good example of the inspiring work of my very favorite cause, Constructing Hope (much more to come):

“A native of Jamaica, love brought Veral to the United States. He and his now-wife met when she was on a trip to Jamaica.

After moving to Portland, Veral was looking for employment when his wife introduced him to her friend Pat Daniels. Veral had been doing similar work in Jamaica and thought that Constructing Hope was the perfect opportunity to get his foot in the door and set himself up for a true career to support their blended family.

Veral excelled in the pre-apprenticeship training program, graduating Tier 1. During the class he found a passion for carpentry work. Upon graduation he was accepted into the Northwest Carpenters Union Apprenticeship and began work at Hoffman Construction.

Eight years later, Veral has completed his apprenticeship and is a Journeyman Carpenter. He is still working at Hoffman Construction, currently on the Portland International Airport project. He isn’t done yet though – Veral has a goal of continuing to advance into leadership. Constructing Hope has been by his side, helping to navigate each step along the way.

Veral shared recently that a good start helps to determine the finish, and he considers himself a product of that, thanks to Constructing Hope.”