Here’s another prominent piece from my collection

A very rare Tetela mask from Democratic Republic of Congo. Yesterday, I posted a statue from the same tribe. Both are not similar to anything else that I’ve seen. The provenance is terrific: Jean Paul Agogue of Paris. This is worth a lot of money…but if you want to dip your toes into African tribal art, you’re welcome to visit my warehouse in Eagle Creek, Oregon and/or for very reasonable prices. We also are adding outposts around the Portland area.

Another fave from my collection, a superb antique ceremonial mask from the Krahn people of Ivory Coast.

“The Krahn are an ethnic group of Liberia and Ivory Coast. This group belongs to the Kru language family and its people are sometimes referred to as the Wee, Guéré, Sapo, or Wobe. It is likely that Western contact with the Kru language is the primary reason for the development of these different names.”*Wikipedia

Another piece of my absurdly large collection of African art.

This one is a Senufo Kpeli made of copper alloy, which is far less common than those carved in wood.

“The Senufo people, also known as Siena, Senefo, Sene, Senoufo, and Syénambélé, are a West African ethnolinguistic group. They consist of diverse subgroups living in a region spanning the northern Ivory Coast, the southeastern Mali and the western Burkina Faso.”