Another fave from my collection, a superb antique ceremonial mask from the Krahn people of Ivory Coast.

“The Krahn are an ethnic group of Liberia and Ivory Coast. This group belongs to the Kru language family and its people are sometimes referred to as the Wee, Guéré, Sapo, or Wobe. It is likely that Western contact with the Kru language is the primary reason for the development of these different names.”*Wikipedia

Another piece of my absurdly large collection of African art.

This one is a Senufo Kpeli made of copper alloy, which is far less common than those carved in wood.

“The Senufo people, also known as Siena, Senefo, Sene, Senoufo, and Syénambélé, are a West African ethnolinguistic group. They consist of diverse subgroups living in a region spanning the northern Ivory Coast, the southeastern Mali and the western Burkina Faso.”

The Killer Granddaddies—now on a long hiatus—performing with acoustic instruments the first song I ever wrote, while in prison around 2000.


Punch in the mouth

Kick in the groin

Gonna tax your ass

Til you’re tenderloin

You think you’re a king

You’re nothing but a fool

What I’m gonna do

Is take you to school

Slap you around

Rearrange your face

Send that puny body

To a painful place

This is a promise

I’m gonna keep

Like the preacher says

You’re gonna sow what you reap

Gonna draw blood

Gonna break bones

Gonna use sticks

Gonna use stones

Gonna make you pay

For what you’ve done

Gonna draw blood—DRAW BLOOD

Whatever I do

Won’t be enough

You deserve to die

You d**k s**k**g p**k

When you think I’m through

Ya don’t get a vote

I’m gonna rip off your b***s

And shove em down your throat

Gonna draw blood….

When you start to cry

Is when I’m not gonna quit

Don’t disrespect the game

If you can’t take the hit

Sorry about your pain

Is what I’m not gonna be

And the rest of your sorry days

You’ll wish you never met me

Gonna draw blood…

Here is another favorite from my collection of African art

a Kuba Bwoom mask from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have many of these that aren’t as old as this one. It was collected in 1970 and was already old at that time. Here’s a bit of the story of this work of art:

“Kuba mythology revolves around three figures, each represented by a masquerade character: Woot, the creator and founder of the ruling dynasty; Woot’s spouse; and Bwoom. Bwoom’s specific identity varies according to different versions of the myth. He may represent the king’s younger brother, a person of Twa descent, or a commoner. Embodying a subversive force within the royal court, the Bwoom masquerade is often performed in conflict with the masked figure representing Woot.”

To see a lot more of my collection, visit “Dave Dahl Collection” on Facebook.

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