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Someone once said  there are no second acts in Americans lives, meaning there are no second chances. Dave Dahl is proof that this pessimism is often very wrong. There are indeed second chances and Dave joins us with his remarkable story of mental illness, substance abuse, crime and punishment and how, given his second chance, he turned his life around. Dave Dahl, the creator of “Dave’s Killer Bread” joins us on this edition of Recovery Radio. Content Provided by Retreat Behavioral Health.

3 thoughts on “Second Chances | Recovery Radio”

  1. Dear Mr. Dahl:

    I am a 60 something veteran with ideas in search of a mentor and possibly a business partner. I think you’d be perfect, though I know scarce little about you. If you have an hour or so to spare I’d love to sit and get to know you while discussing my business ideas.

    Sincerely yours,
    Chris Hunter

  2. I’m blown away watching all this.
    Mr Dave Dahl is truly a man of substance and spirit. Until I looked at this site, and these videos, I had absolutely no idea about who he really was, or what he’s doing.
    He stands in stark contrast to the lip service so many give to caring. He is actually DOING something to help people of color in this country, not just finding the right pronoun.
    I am blown away.

  3. Hello Dave,
    I have been eating your bread for the last eight months and I totally love it. I’m a vegan/vegetarian so I work really hard to eat healthy. So thanks for this awesome product it really meets my health needs.
    What is the really big deal about you is not the bread it is your story and the reaching back to giving second chances. I have a son and daughter in law that are serving time and have been for 17 years and we are hoping that that they will be home is a few years. I will tell everyone that I know about this product for both of the most critical reasons. Both of my family members were first time youth offenders and got the max on time and will not be a threat nor will there ever be another offense. I just hope they find their way and can give back. They’re both getting degrees in psychology.
    I just have to say thanks and blessings to you and you must feel great knowing that you are living in your purpose by providing a healthy and wholesome products.

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