Another cool one from my collection.

Why, you ask? What’s African art got to do with you, Dave Dahl? I’ll tell you what. Nothing. And that’s freaking great.

This mask is particularly cool.

Bamana Kore Mask from Mali


16″ x 6″ x 6″ & 2 lbs


ex Alfred L. Scheinberg, NY

ex Mark Eglinton, NY

ex Fily Keita

In the Bamana culture, there are six initiation societies, Kore being the last and is known as the stage of attaining divinity. They believe in endless re-incarnation and that each time he returns to earth, that God removes a portion of his spiritual nature and keeps it in Heaven. Therefore, if uninitiated, the deity will become completely reabsorbed. To ensure infinite reincarnations, the Kore teachings are essential.

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