Have I mentioned that I’m the proud owner

Of the largest African tribal art collection in the United States? I call it Discover African Art We have thousands of masks, statues, bronzes, textiles, furniture pieces – you name it.

DAA is more about selling the decorative and fun pieces rather than the snobby collector pieces, which I also have many of. I am happy to discuss this dynamic if you’re curious. I’m also kinda proud of the fact that I have donated a large number of pieces to Central City Concern. Folks who visit their offices will see great examples (pics below). I feel strongly that it makes a difference in the community, particularly for the African-Americans they serve. Hardly anybody has seen this kind of material before.

But just because it’s African doesn’t mean a non-African can’t appreciate it. I was drawn to it originally back in 2015 when I discovered eBay. I didn’t even think about skin color or culture. I just liked the art—and still do.

Take a look here www.discoverafricanart.com

Want to check it out in person? We’re located out in Eagle Creek, Oregon – call to schedule an appointment (503) 637-3968. I promise you’ll be amazed.