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“I was a four-time loser before I realized I was in the wrong game.”

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Dave Dahl Documentary in the Works!

“I’m so excited to be developing a feature-length documentary with Joe Coppoletta, Catherine Blanksby and Blue Chalk Media about the epic life story of Dave Dahl.  The film’s working title, “The Good Seed,” chronicles Dave’s journey through mental illness, drug addiction and incarceration and how he found the strength to transform his life while still in prison.  Then, given a “second” chance by his brother, he created Dave’s Killer Bread and became wildly successful …until he fell again, nearly lost it all and slipped into despair.  Six years later, Dave is healed enough to talk about his journey and knows his powerful turn-around story can change lives. He is on a mission to share his story and help others.  For people searching for insights into rehabilitating the world’s largest prison population, Dave is an inspiring example of what it takes to change on the inside in order to be ready for the outside, even while going against the grain. 

I met Dave a year ago and have spent many hours getting to know him/his story and filming with him. The documentary is going to be a deep dive into his amazing story, as it’s still unfolding, with great music and captivating visuals.  It will be awesome!  We are currently seeking funding and distribution.”

-Kate McMahon, 




Constructing Hope/Dave Dahl

My story of transformation begins with surrender, medication and learning a trade—in my case, computer-aided drafting and machining. This process taught me design principles, accountability and the power of the mind to change outcomes.

That’s what excites me about organizations like Constructing Hope, which prepares people for careers in the trades and places a high percentage of graduates in jobs that result in meaningful careers. Their lives are transformed and everyone benefits including their employers, families, and communities. The effect is exponential.

Supporting Constructing Hope is a sure way of making a difference in the world.


Dave's Diary

Second Chances | Recovery Radio

Someone once said  there are no second acts in Americans lives, meaning there are no second chances. Dave Dahl is proof that this pessimism is often very wrong. There are indeed second chances and Dave joins us with his remarkable story of mental illness, substance abuse, crime and punishment and how, given his second chance,

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I really enjoyed guesting on this local podcast, Right At The Fork, with Chris Angelus. We get pretty deep. It was pretty long, so it’s being released in two parts.

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Dave's Diary

Bend Venture Conference 2019

Recent interview with my buddy Robert Ricciardelli at Bend Venture Conference. A lot has happened since we first met and he interviewed me in 2011. I was on my way to visit Rob one night November of 2013, but I was having a manic breakdown and we never made it. Instead, a tragic encounter with police changed

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Dave's Diary

Rediscover This Day!

My favorite charity, Constructing Hope, one that has incredible potential to do good. They already do a TON of good but they will one day be able to do much, much more. Please check them out, and support them if your heart is moved.

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Dave's Diary

Hello world!!

Packing up for a couple of days in beautiful Bend, OR to participate in the Bend Venture Conference along with my little buddy Robert Ricciardelli. He and I go back a ways to around 2011 or 2012 when we did our first public interview—now he’s interviewing me again…and there is a lot to talk about!

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May 7th, 2018

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May 9th, 2018 interviews with KPTV's Stephanie Kralevich.

Teaser about Dave Dahl and the Killer Granddaddies Show
Dave gives a tour of his penthouse

Check out recent interviews

Sam is a good interviewer who did his homework before we met. Here is the podcast that we recorded on the 27th floor of the Benson Tower last month.

If you’re curious about the Dave’s Killer Bread story, you really should hear this podcast. Thanks to Edgar Navas for his sincere interview (and Sylvia, too).

I’m stoked to tell you that my story was featured in Recovery Today Magazine last month. It’s really a great magazine and I recommend downloading the app to check it out—it’s free.

About Dave

“After serving a total of four prison sentences for crimes ranging from burglary to armed robbery to drug dealing. Dave Dahl turned his life around during his last stint and rejoined the family bakery shortly after his release. He went on to co-create Dave’s Killer Bread. 

Once sharing abandoned houses with cockroaches in Detroit, he now lives in a luxurious high rise penthouse in downtown PDX. His story epitomizes transformation.

Dave had to accept that—at least for Dave Dahl—there’s no “happily ever after”. But he finds great satisfaction in “fighting the good fight”, one day at a time. He believes that forgiveness of self and others is one of the keys to inner peace and personal growth. But it’s only one of many lessons he’s come away with through all of his struggles—and triumphs.

Dave’s Killer Bread, a family endeavor, was sold to Flowers Foods in 2015, leaving Dave with a void to fill. He spent the next 2-plus years building what is perhaps the largest collection of African tribal art in the world. During this time he lived a semi-hermetic lifestyle.

Now, with a healed heart and mind, he steps back out on a mission to help inspire others to find their own brand of success. “‘Good Seed’ is much more than a killer bread recipe. Having been a ‘bad seed’ and destroying everything in my path as a troubled young man, I finally found the path of humility and teachability. It gives me the courage to fall down 7 times, and get up 8.”

Dave’s recently-reformed band, the Killer Granddaddies, is made up of fellow reformed knuckleheads. They play blues rock covers and originals, playing parties and causes they support.

“I know what it’s like to feel down with no hope.

Now, I want to inspire people to know that there is ALWAYS hope.”

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Disclaimer: Dave is no longer affiliated with Dave’s Killer Bread and has no say in the day to day operations.

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