Last year I posted about Constructing Hope…

and executive director Pat Daniels, introducing folks to an organization that checks all the blanks for me. They teach people what they need to get started with a meaningful career, which is huge, because their success at placing people in construction-related apprenticeship programs is very high.

Last year, due to the virus, they were crippled because due to the inability to run their program they couldn’t get the grants they needed to survive. when I heard this, I was compelled to make a $50K loan, and then I doubled it. By the end of the year, my donation was dwarfed by corporate donations, and now CH is on fire! Watch this video from last summer and then visit the website for more info.

Constructing Hope Leveling the Playing Field Campaign – JULY 7-24, 2020

Constructing Hope is a cause very near and dear to my heart. They educate people of color, the formerly incarcerated and low-income adults in the trades. Two of those things applied to me back in 2001 when I was given a chance to learn a trade while incarcerated for my 4th time. That opportunity was transformative, and contributed to all of the successes that came later for me. When I discovered Constructing Hope, I knew I had found the perfect way to “give back”. I have committed substantial resources to help this incredible cause, and I invite you to join me. A gift of any amount will help Constructing Hope to continue their work to Level the Playing Field, and put people to work in the trades.

Donate To Dave Dahl’s Fundraiser

Donate To Dave Dahl’s Fundraiser

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