Great interview on our new podcast platform talkcastPDX.

I believe you’ll find Citizen Smith (Ken Smith) entertaining and educational. Check us out at and get the app!

I will have my own show, Against the Grain coming along soon. Stay tuned.

An interview with two young documentary filmmakers who journeyed to Ethiopia to document the lives of four women living on a coffee farm

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Newly transplanted to Portland, 22-year-old film director Celia Boussebaa, and 23-year-old Chris Hausler, director of photography, share their experience shooting a documentary for 3 months in the Sidama region of Ethiopia, profiling the lives of four women living in a rural village of coffee farms and washing station.

We are moving forward with our endeavor, TalkcastPDX

Which will be a free-speech (no agenda) podcast platform. My show will be called, Against the Grain, and will focus on overcomers and go-getters. I’ve actually been a little surprised at the response to my post asking for stories – there are so many good ones. So I know the show is gonna rock.

I recently was a guest on one of the other shoes that’s already featured on our platform, Citizen Smith. Check it out here:

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TalkcastPDX is here.

I’m involved and I totally believe. Doesn’t matter your political trip cuz honestly, can we just say what’s on our mind?

This ain’t FOX and it ain’t CNN. No agenda, baby. Let’s figure some shit out.

An interview with Dave Dahl, former owner of Dave’s Killer Bread, talks openly about his personal struggles of the past, and his life today, and future plans

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Prison, drug addiction, recovery and the owner of a multi-million dollar bread company, Dave Dahl has experienced it all, and discusses it all in this in-depth, no holds barred interview. Have a Happy Easter!!